Street Debater

Scale to create discussions and income on the street.


A collaborative tabletop game made for parties of all sizes.

Is this Violence?

Game to question violence in the eye of machines.


An unofficial college mascot and online community.

Secret Project Taiwan

A workshop about thinking wrong in life. (video)

Cyano ๐ŸŒŠ Postcards

Pour water over postcard to reveal cyan-blue patterns.

Time Garden

Fight procrastination by reflecting how you spend time.

tinyText Hero image of a phone recieving a tinyText


A weekly article via sms, on topics of your choice.

 You can now share the secret with legal protection!


Ever wanted to share a confidential secret? Now you can!

Get a Text of a cute animal

Animal Text

Get a cute animal text on a random day (โ–ฐห˜โ—กห˜โ–ฐ)

Create a slide show from an collection


Convert your channel into a slideshow to share!

Tiny Updates

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